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How can I import my wordpress into website...

  1. I read this topic:

    But I don't want to put just iframe into my website I want to put whole blog into my site, I mean that people can comment and view my posts there at my site not here at

    Well, they can also view here, but I'd like to import it into my website if you get my point. And I know about that domain option, but I'd like to have site with other content and blog will be just one part of it... One subdomain of my site, for example I don't want to became

    Sorry because of informality, but I don't have much time to explain :-)

    Thanks for reading,

  2. You can take your blog contents to wherever you want.
    However the theme stays here because it has been adapted to run on this software and will not run on software downloaded from

    What you need to do is hire a web host, download a free blog template from export your blog contents and links out and then import them into your new blog.

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