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  1. thoughtsofakind

    i've had my blog for 3 months now, and i have no plans on giving it up. Actually I want to expand it and improve it. Which is why I need your input and help. I am really passionate about my blog and I hope that it brings in more traffic with improvements.
    I have read some other forum threads and tried to see if they can help me, but it would be great to get some direct advice and help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is what Staff have provided >

    Never lose site of the fact that it is fresh content that attracts readers to your site and keeps them coming back – high quality, original content. It’s the blogger’s ability to promote their content that creates traffic flow, and it’s their ability to initiate and sustain discussion that leads to building a blog centered community.

    These posts may be helpful:

  3. TT is the expert among all of us on the general topic of how any blog can increase views and build traffic. From that point-of-view, you'll get no better advice.

    I'm more the anti-blogger. I don't follow the rules correctly. I don't use a lot of widgets. I don't allow votes or polls. I post photos taken from my cell phone. I do not have a Twitter account or FaceBook etc. The ONLY promotion I do for my blog is in the Showcase Forum, where I put a plug after every 3-4 posts. The rest is all word-of-mouth and connections I've made by reading and commenting on the blogs of others whose work I enjoy reading. I don't have tons of readers, but I have a huge percentage of comments - nearly 20% of those who read, and they share their feelings openly, because I try to in the articles.

    The biggest difference between the way you and I write about values is that I tell stories about my own feelings and struggles to come to terms with problems in the world. You basically write commercials for non-profits and causes, with pretty pictures to illustrate. No real POV that's personal. Not much of any kind of edge. No conflict or pain for people to relate to. It's like watching a PBS fund-drive, except the pictures don't move, and there's no music. It's nice-looking, but it doesn't engage me, probably because I can't tell who you are from reading them.

  4. thoughtsofakind

    Thank you for the advice. I am going to work on making my blog more personal. Thank you guys!

  5. @invisiblemikey and thoughtsofakind
    I'm not an expert and do not claim to be one. My only claim is that I am an experienced blogger. :)

  6. thoughtsofakind

    @timethief your experience makes you an expert, especially when you are willing to share your knowledge, Thank you once again

  7. You're welcome. I'm always willing to help those who are open to receiving help but please do not affix that label to me. :)

  8. invisiblemikey

    I still think you're an angel, if you would prefer that term :)

  9. thoughtsofakind


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