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How can I include Polish characters in an English WordPress blog?

  1. How can I include Polish characters (or any other "special characters") in an English WordPress blog? I now need to write some Polish words and names in an English-language text, and in the future may need to write some German and French words & names...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On Macs you can set the character palette to type in different alphabets / different languages under the "preferences" menu for the operating system. There must be something similar for other operating systems?

    There are also html entities, for example:
    (there are keyboard shortcuts for some)

  3. Thanks 1tess. I'm on Windows 7 (& new at it) so I'll see what it offers.
    & for the HTML entities: though there's none for Polish on the site u sent me, it's another direction to check out.
    i'll let u know what i find...

  4. I'll admit that I'm not familiar with Polish at all, but for French, Spanish, and Italian the link is useful. (the codes need to be typed into the text editor)

    I know there are also keyboard shortcuts to make some of the marks but I cannot find the links I used to learn them. Google should work. On my Mac, the option key with a vowel, then typing the vowel works for the few times I need them. But I don't know the equivalent on a Windows system. Sorry.

  5. Thanks again 1tess. I found the HTML codes for Polish characters online, pasted them in where needed, & it all works fine.

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