How can i increase no of words/line

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    ok…i don’t exactly know if this is where i am supose to post this…but i was wondering if i could make the empty spaces on the left and right smaller and allow more words to appear on a line,cause now only the center is used….don’t know if you understood my problem…but anyway…



    Layout of your site is controlled by the template. You can’t change the width of the template columns, or anything else like that, without changing the template’s CSS. You can try to play with the CSS file, and if you like your changes, upgrade to make them public. Have a look here:



    veltis has given you you answer. I would like to make a suggestion.
    It would be a good idea to have your full size images free hosted off site at photobucket or flickr then you could post linked back thumbnails on your site. This would be a benefit to your vistors as your blog pages would upload far more quickly and they could select which thumbnails they wanted to click on to see the full size images of.

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