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How can I Increase the Traffic for my forum?

  1. I have a newly created blog and i need to increase the traffic. What can you suggest? Please help. Thank you! [Link removed. Inappropriate - Mark]

  2. I suggest you not spam technical forums. They are not exactly clogged with people looking for online furniture purchasing opportunities.

  3. Thanks a lot for your response. It is not my intention to spam. I genuinely want to increase the traffic for the blog. Anything you can suggest?

  4. This is a technical support forum for blogs.

    Your link leads to an commercial site that isn't a wordpress,com blog...

  5. Oh, i want to edit the post... and to erase that link but how can I edit it again here? Thanks a lot for your response. I am really a newbie user for wordpress

  6. here is a good website where you can increase traffic for free this helps =]

  7. here is a good website where you can increase traffic for free hope this helps =]

  8. Thanks a lot AngelLust. You are truly an angel. :) I really appreciate your generous advice. I'll zoom there in that link.

  9. Oh... i cannot load that page... I guess there's some problem with the link. There are two dots. I'll try again. Thanks!

  10. This is a great site. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. You can change the blog associated with your username by changing it on your profile page. When you're on the forum, on the top right-hand corner you'll see the link to your profile. Change it there.

    And do a search of the forum for "Hits" or "Traffic" either of which should bring up several dozen threads full of suggestions.

    BTW, you're not allowed to use a blog for selling things. "Save On Furniture" is not exactly the best URL if you don't actually want to sell furniture. What is the actual URL of the blog, if that's not it?

  12. Thanks a lot, raincoaster for this info. I'll try to follow this. I am really sorry about the link in my post.

  13. I am installing the wordpress under the sponsor domain site. Thus, the first few words of the link appears the name of the sponsor domain name.

  14. Then you are in the wrong forum entirely (See the sticky thread at the top of the forum marked 7 Things to Know Before Posting). You need to be at, as we are running different software here and won't be able to help you. This forum is only for blogs hosted at

  15. The site is not working!

  16. How do I add Rss feed to my blog. I am a newbie too and not tech savy so would appreciate a very easy explanation!

  17. thistimethisspace

    When you post something completely different from the topic a forum thread is dedicated to this is not appreciated (thread jacking). In the future could you please post to an appropriate thread or start a new one?

    Have you tried the FAQs? There is a wealth of information there.

  18. Since you're only five days old, get listed on Google first.

    Submit your site here on the right Submit it to ONLY the top 40 search engines. They’ll ask you to paste their code on your site. I forgot now if they’re code is html or javascript. But don’t worry about that. You will then get a few emails asking to confirm your submissions. And also claim your blog at Technorati and place Technorati’s buttons and such on your sidebar. And make sure to ping your blog when you’re done updating for the day. I ping mine at and And email other similar sites like yours for link exchanges on each other’s blogrolls. And to get listed on search engines, try to get your blog on at least one person’s blogroll that is already listed on Google. This way when they get indexed, your site will then be indexed. And submit directly to Google as well Where it says Comments, I didn’t know what that meant so I just placed a few tags that went along with my blog. It might take a few days to get listed. In my experience it’s taken less than a week. And NEVER buy links.

  19. oh sorry about that i had put two dots at the end...
    that link will work

  20. @angellust
    I know you are new to and I have given you resource links in another thread. It would be good if you become really well acquainted with resources and checked them prior to posting to forum threads. In this case here is the FAQs thread that's pertinent to the title of this thread
    Here's the forum search box link that also is relevant

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