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How can i insert a contact form on a page of my free WordPress acount?

  1. Hi, it's my really first time as a WordPress user and there're a lot of things that I still don't know... but the one i need right now is the following: How can i insert a contact form on a page of my free WordPress acount? I have made several options that i have found on the net but it doesn't function. Why? I copy the following code:

    <FORM ACTION="mailto:[email redacted]"
    <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="name you want" SIZE=10>
    <TEXTAREA NAME="name you want" COLS="20" ROWS="4>
    First text of paragraph< BR></TEXTAREA>
    <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send">

    Could someone tell me if it's possible to make on my free wordpress account? or is this a function available not for free users?
    Please I'd like so much a little help. Thanks a lot

  2. victoriacarolina

    Far as I know, it's not possible right now.

  3. mm thanks a lot victoria. i wrote the same questions on .org support and a user told me that first of all i have to pay for hosting. :( The last doubt is: i have full of words, pics and information my blog, could i export everything to a new blog created on or with own hosting?

  4. victoriacarolina

    There's no direct export/import process. You can export using RSS somehow (and I honestly don't know how - there's posts around here with that info) but that seems to only work for posts, not comments.

  5. A simple "Private" check box added to the comment options would do the trick. In other words, users who fill out the comment form on any page or post could check a box to mark the comment private. Then it would go to the site owner as a regular comment without being published to the site. It could even be routed to the Awaiting Moderation box. It would have to be done by Matt from the database end, but I can't see how it would be that big a deal.

    A possible alternative (though not a good one) is to set your user options to require admin approval on all posts. That would give site users the ability to specify a comment as a private contact, but it would leave you (the site owner) having to regularly read and approve every comment.

  6. I think the Blix Theme has this "contact" option.

  7. Blix Theme does use the Contact Option. However, when I Click the Submit button. I'm not sure who's the getting the mail. I'm the owner of the Blog and as a test I sent two Test messages. However, they never reached me. Can anybody tell...

  8. I know that some html code can be added to text boxes in widgets. Seems sensible to allow form html code there and then this kind of thing can be done by anyone. I'd welcome it.

  9. Vivid, have you tried it? I would think that it would go to the email on record with the blog.

    Actually what it is is we now have Page Templates for some themes. I don't remember seeing them in the past.

  10. I've tried this. My email on record is dhaleta(at)gmail(.)com. However, I'm not receiving any mails. I've checked all the settings and wherever any option for the email id is my id is the same.

  11. It's working for me now. The problem was at my end only. While everywhere, I'd put the email id mentioned above. But under 'Options' -- 'General' The Email id was you(at)example(.)com. I remember having changed it before also, but now I see that the confirmation Email had gone into the Junk folder. So I've changed it agian and confirmed it. It is working fine for me.

  12. Vividhaditya or Anyone:

    Can you please tell me exactly how you inserted the contact form code.


  13. ecostocks - I think if you read the thread again you'll see that the contact page is theme dependent and the theme that is referred to is "Blix". vivid said: "Blix Theme does use the Contact Option."

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