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How can I insert an iframe ?

  1. How can I insert an iframe in my article ? The code is automtically deleted when I past it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm pretty sure WP does not support iframes - so yet, the code is deleted.

  3. Not allowed - security and reliability issues

  4. So there is no way to insert an iframe.... ?

  5. I managed to get an IFrame's contents into one of my posts with a bit of cheeting.

    The key is to copy the URL of your IFRAME. Open a new tab on your browser. Paste the URL into the address bar. Press enter. The banner is displayed. View the page source code via the edit menu (Internet Explorer). Copy the portion of code from <map to </table>. Paste the code into your blog post or page.

    Checkout this link:

    I found this cheat out after being really frustrated with the lack of useability of wordpress when it comes to advertising. The post was written on 31st July 2013, and is still working today!

  6. Just checked. The cheat I posted has stopped working in IE10 on Windows 8. The cheat worked on Windows 7 with IE9!

  7. The cheat has been reported to Terms of Service Staff.

  8. Thanks timethief.

  9. I hope you comprehend what is allowed and what is not allowed here. That's why I posted this above. I wanted you to be clear on what a ToS violation results in ie. a suspended blog.

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