How can I insert only a few pictures from my gallery to a slideshow?

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    I can’t figure out how to create a gallery using only a few of my uploaded pictures. When I click “insert gallery,” it adds everything I’ve uploaded. Also, if I click “insert slideshow” it adds everything from my gallery that I’ve uploaded for that post. Sometimes I want to post a few pictures throughout the article, and then have a slideshow at the end with the remaining pictures. Instead it repeats even ones I’ve already inserted into the post. How do I insert a gallery or slideshow using only a few select pictures?
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    For galleries, you can use shortcode to exclude some pictures:

    Unfortunately, the slideshow is not so easily adapted: it will show all images attached to your post. One sort of work-a-round is to attach the images you don’t want in the slideshow to another post (one without a gallery or slideshow). They can still be inserted into your post with slideshow but won’t be in the slideshow itself.

    If you want both a gallery and a slideshow with different photos, then you can insert a gallery and use the “include” shortcode for the non-slideshow pics, and the “exclude” shortcode to keep the slideshow images out of your gallery.

    This article from fellow volunteer justjennifer might also be helpful for ins and outs about galleries:



    Thanks for your help. I’ve figured out the “include”/”exclude” option for the gallery. I’m still not quite sure about the slideshow thing, but the links you gave me were helpful, and through trial and error I should get the hang of it!



    As 1tess mentioned, the long and the short of it is that the native WordPress Slideshow will display every image uploaded to the post or page where you’ve inserted the Slideshow. No ability to exclude images in the Slideshow (not yet anyway).

    This demo post explains a little more how to combine both slideshow and a gallery in one post

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