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How can I know the feed subscription count

  1. I would know how many people have subscribed my blog, under dashboard stats I don't find anything related to this topic.

    Any idea?

  2. I'm sorry but we don't have such a stat available.

  3. No problem, thanks for you quick reply.

    Any future plan to add this feature?

  4. What I did on my blog is created an account at feedburner and then have visitors pick up their feed through it. It lets me see stats. Not that I care that much, its just interesting to know.

  5. If you have Google Webmaster account and your web site set up through Google Webmaster, then it will show you the number of Google Reader subscribers.

  6. If you click through to the stats for a particular post or page you'll see "syndicated views" listed in the graph - this shows the number of people who read that post in a feed reader.

    We used to display a figure for the number of feed subscribers but there's no way to get an accurate count so we removed it.

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