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How can I know when someone adds me to their blogroll?

  1. Hello! I'm sorry if this question has been put before by some other blogger. I couldn't find the answer for my question.

    How can I be noticed when someone adds my blog to their blogroll? I mean how can I know that, except visitin their blogroll and find out?

    My blog URL is: (althought I don't know if it's relevant in my question's case).

    Thank you in advance for the help! You guys rule, as always! ;-)

  2. Get yourself fixed up at Technorati. And spend a bit of time figuring out the options Google gives you.

  3. Uhm... alrighty then. Thank you for the answer, I think ;-) (I never said I'm not a newbie in blogging)

  4. I never said you were (not) whatever:)
    Welcome to WordPress.

  5. Sooner or later when you are listed in a blogroll, a reader of the other blog will click that link. When they do the referring blog will appear in your blog stats.

  6. @coldsprings: Thanks for the answer. Yep, you are right - That's how I found out someone has put me in their blogroll. And that's how I came up with this question, thinking that it has to be an "easier and faster" way to know when someone adds you to their blogroll. ;-)

    @atthe404: Thank you for the Welcome! I like it here, in WP world and I'm planning to stay a looong time :-D

  7. Bianca - Our pleasure :)

  8. I also have kind of a theory that the links won't show up until someone clicks through them. Which is why I always click through all links in my posts as soon as I post the post. If nothing else, it makes the trackbacks show up faster, so it seems.

  9. Am happy to get some response here it is my question too and me am new in here

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