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How can I let people comment again?

  1. I was just informed by a few of my readers that they were unable to comment without having a WordPress account. I double-checked the Settings>Discussions to make sure the box that says, "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" was unchecked. I'm not sure why it still requires users to log in. Can you help me fix this? Thanks.
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  2. Could you (and/or the user) try clearing cache & cookies on the browser to see if that fixes it?

  3. I just cleared the cache and cookies, then I logged out of WordPress. When I tried commenting without an account, it wouldn't let me.

  4. Do you see any errors when you try to comment?

  5. Not when I am logged into my WordPress account. When I log out, however, a box pops up that tells me to log in whenever I try to post a comment.

  6. Hm, that's rather odd. Can you take a screenshot and upload that to your media librar via Media -> Add new in your Dashboard?

  7. This is really strange... It isn't giving me any more problems... Cool.

  8. Yay, glad it's fixed! :)

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