How can I link gallery thumbnails to actual pages?

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    What does it mean under “Gallery Settings” that the thumbnail is linked to “attachment page”. Whenever I click on a thumbnail it takes me to the carousel. How can I get the thumbnail to instead link to a page?
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    This should help. Look under Gallery Settings.



    Do you want the Gallery to link to an Attachment page, which shows a larger version of your image in a page using your theme, or do you want the thumbnails to link to something else completely, like external links, other pages on your site, etc.?


    Yea the first one, I would like the gallery to link to an attachment page, on another page of my theme/on my site. I’m trying to use this as a portfolio so you can see how that would be beneficial.



    Then if you are using the Gallery feature, you need to turn off the Photo Carousel in Settings>Media Settings as twistedt mentioned.

    Once you turn off the Photo Carousel and save your settings, then go back to your post, click on the edit button in the Gallery placeholder or even open the “Upload Media” button and go to the Gallery tab of the Image Uploader, select Link to “Attachment Page” in the Settings section and save your changes/update Gallery. Resave your draft or update your post.


    The “Gallery Settings” link is actually not helpful because although I have “Link thumbnails to: Attachment Page” I don’t see any option to choose said ‘attachment page’ and the thumbnails still take me to the carousel anyways…



    FWIW, I don’t necessarily see the advantage of using an Attachment page over the Photo Carousel as far as a Portfolio goes. If you want to add information about your image, it shows up in the description field regardless of where it is displayed.


    Okay, so if it is necessary for me to turn of my carousel in the Media Settings then does that mean all the galleries on my site will no longer have the carousel feature? That sounds like a redundant question but what i’m trying to get at is: ideally some of my galleries would link to the carousel and some would link to other pages on the site. Is this not possible?



    Once you turn off the Photo Carousel, then the Gallery feature should default to whatever you’ve set as the Link preference in the Gallery settings in the Image Uploader. Have you turned the Photo Carousel off?



    We’re posting at the same time.

    Yes, you have to turn off the Photo Carousel for the Attachment page to show up.

    No, it is not possible to have the Photo Carousel display on some posts and not others. It’s a global setting site wide.


    You make a good point about the advantage of the carousel. What I want to try and do is create a compelling “home page” with pictures that would link to the pertaining like pictures/descriptions.


    This clears up my question though. Thank you for your help!!



    That’s what the Gallery does best. Where the Photo Carousel excels is in really large images because the Carousel resizes itself depending on screen resolution.



    You are most welcome!

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