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how can I make a photo fit in my custom image header

  1. Hiya
    how can I make a photo fit in my custom image header, when i try to place an image there it automatically needs to be cut and comes out as a blur.
    plus is there any way I can change the font size of my blog name?

  2. Question 1: Size it properly before uploading. There are a ton of programs that can do this. GIMP is free. Photoshop is not. There are others, but you'll have to Google on your own.

    Question 2: I believe this can only be changed through the CSS upgrade. But someone else will have to confirm that.

  3. Yes, the font size of your header can only be changed with the CSS Upgrade.

    For free image editing, you can also check out some more programs listed here.

  4. thanks you guys

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