How can I make a private blog easily accessible to people who aren't WP users?

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    Hi – I am making another blog that I would like to be completely private, except for a handful of friends/family that I would give a password to (most not on WP). As simple as that sounds, I only see two solutions:

    1) Making each individual post private (password protected). This would be a pain for those I invite to the site because then it would be typing in the password again and again

    2) Invite them ahead of time to see my site, but I believe this has to be done via email and that they have to be a WP user.

    Am I understanding my options correctly? Is there a simple way to just issue a password to friends/family for the entire site?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Becca,

    I think you’re right, if your blog is private, you can easily invite people ahead of time to see your site. They will need to sign up for a WordPress account in order to view your site though.

    I think the only option to make your posts and pages private would be like you said to set everything as “Password Protected” under Visibility.

    Personally, I would stick with making the blog private and inviting users.. It only takes a couple minutes to make a WordPress account!

    Hope that helps.

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