How can I make an uploaded pdf file open in a new window?

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    My blog (which is not yet live) contains a “research” menu where I have posted .pdf files of research articles. How to I make these pdf files open in a new window when someone clicks on them? I first upload the files to my media library, then copy and paste the URL to insert a “custom link” into my research menu. Some of the pdf files I uploaded a few weeks ago open in a new window, so I know this can be done…. I just can’t remember or figure out how.

    **I need to know how to make a link to a file on a side bar menu open in a new window, NOT a link in a blog post.**

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Please post the complete URL for the blog in question starting with http://



    Hi, thanks for responding so quickly! I’m sorry, the blog is currently private. I’m creating it for the company I work for and haven’t gotten the “OK” to make it public yet. If you need to see the site to answer, I’ll provide an update once it is viewable to the public (hopefully within the next 2 weeks).


    Add the target blank attribute to the link from the HTML editor.

    <a href="URL of PDF" target="_blank">Link anchor text here</a>



    I want the links to the pdf’s listed under “industry research” on the left of the page to open in a new window when clicked. The fist two links open in a new window, but the third (“Silicon and Perennial Ryegrass…”) does not. How do I do this??

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