How can I make audio available for download?

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    I’ve been trying to add audio for download on my blog and it’s no longer working. I can put the audio to play. But when I go to make it available for download like my other posts, it doesn’t work. I get another player on my page. I was using IE and then I downloaded Chrome and still not working. Need some assistance, pls

    The blog I need help with is


    Hey djvmind, tight mixes! (so thanks for sharing, I’m listening while working now haha). Unfortunately I don’t quite know the answer to your questions yet, since I’m not too familiar yet with using audio on myself.

    I tried looking in a few different browsers, but I don’t see an option for downloading, even if I go back to older posts. (I’m looking here now: )

    It used to show a way to download it on your other posts?

    As a workaround, I’m guessing you might be able to link directly to the mp3 file with a text link and say something like “[Click here to download!]”

    Looking at the code, I do see something like this:

    “<span id=”wp-as-2269_1-container” class=”wp-as-prepped”>
    <audio id=”wp-as-2269_1″ controls=”” preload=”none” style=”background-color:#FFFFFF;width:290px;” src=”″>
    <span id=”wp-as-2269_1-nope”>Download: power-up-soca-part-2-2013.mp3

    So it looks like it’s there just not showing. I’ll look more into it. I feel like I’m probably missing something.


    Yeah, I’m having trouble finding how to make it available to download within the player. For now I’d personally find the file URL on the media library page and then add in a download link separately.

    Click Here to download!

    Something like that. Hopefully someone will have a better answer after.



    No, that Is the answer. Although you don’t need link TEXT necessarily: you can also put an image linked to the media file and say something like “click on the album cover to download”.


    Yeah, it’s interesting that there is code with a download link within there if you view the source though, I’ve just never seen it exposed. Perhaps it’s a fallback if the flash player can’t be seen? It is flash, right?

    I also would make the image link a download link. There’s nothing stopping you from putting multiple ways to download it in the post!



    Hey, ianaleksanderadams thanks for taking the time to listen to my mixes and to help me with my problem. I’m gonna try your suggestions. Because I would really love to get it working again so that yourself and others can download my mixes. Will keep you posted



    Raincoaster thx as well. Really do hope it works



    Still not working. My mixes are not available for download. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. Anyone else has any ideas. Would really like this resolved ASAP



    As I do not know how to help you and this thread commenced on May 8th I tagged this thread for Staff attention.



    If you mean that folks are now seeing a player instead of a download link, you can get the file’s URL from the player shortcode that’s inserted and create a link following this guide:

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