How can I make LOCKOUT?

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    I have a hosted blog and since a couple of days I have some annoying access to my blog. Somebody (or something) is trying massively to bomb me with access attemps – maybe to spam me with comments …

    I want to lockout this guy (or thing). I have the IP address (first digits) and I have the name of the provider. If this not faked of course. Btw, until now Akismet is saving me from spam comments.

    My question: How can I make a specific lockout with a blog?



    -> Dashboard -> Options -> Discussion -> scroll down to Comment Blacklist -> provide the IP and click Update Options to save

    It goes without saying that anyone who is determined to harass will simply come at you from another IP, right?

    Somebody (or something) is trying massively to bomb me with access attemps – maybe to spam me with comments …

    I don’t know exactly what you mean by this but I regularly clear a 200 spams our of the Akismet filter daily and sometimes more frequently than that. Other bloggers clear much more but the real point is these attempts are not completed Akismet stops them.



    ¬°Gracias! Danke! Merci! Grazie! Obrigado! … Thank you, timethief!

    Just to clarify: Until now Akismet has stopped him from spamming – if this is his aim. But I’m not quite sure what the purpose of this guy is.

    Btw, Akismet is a absolutely a great tool. And quite reliable, too ;)



    Personally I don’t place much reliance on IP blocking for as I stated above a determined cyber stalker will simply change IP’s. What I choose instead is to moderate every comment. That’s done on the same page too -> Dashboard -> Options -> Discussion -> scroll down to complete the checkboxes and then click Update Options to save.



    IP blocking is a two second work around. I can change my class C by moving over a table from here and then again by going upstairs. It’s childsplay.

    If he or she is using the same name, you can drop that into the block box as well.

    There’s really little that can be done besides that as you may be blocking him or her from other blogs as well.

    Hope this helps,


    What would you suggest if someone with a blog is spamming your blog? I have this problem and have reported it, but I don’t think there is much that can be done.



    I would change my blog settings. I would moderate all comments and delete every one I got from this party. Unfortunately, I think the fact you blogged about him may have given him the notoriety he so obviously is seeking. So what I would do is send all the info you put in the blog article in an email to the University concerned. Then I would make the blog article “private” so this troll couldn’t gloat about it.


    Thanks timethief for the advice. Will do.



    You’re welcome [and a pox on all trolls and spammers, she muttered].



    I’d take a different approach, mentioning his name and linking to his blog here in the forum. It has a broader reach than you would imagine. Making people accountable for what they do and stapling that reputation to their foreheads goes a long way to preventing abusive behaviour in future. But there are many ways of responding, it’s true.


    His blog content was cleaned out but it is still up here on WordPress.
    I have his info, ip email etc,copies of just about everything he sent to me same on all of the posts he sent, but I didn’t think I could post that here. Believe me I would like to! I have most of it in a post on my site and per the helpful and much appreciated advice from timethief, I password protected it.
    Maybe I should post the password here to it, with all of the info, on my site. Maybe I should just get over it.



    Depends where you live. In Canada, that is considered public info so you could post all of it, and his home address if he’s listed in the phone book. But I think a blog post is the best way; if nothing else, tsuris like that is great for hits.


    Update on my spammer/Stalker/Harasser:
    I reported The spammer to WordPress and the guy’s network provider.
    Wordpress tells me that if they did anything about it,that it would probably just cause them and me more grief than good.
    They might be right, but I’m surprised that they let his blog remain.

    Apparently the network provider, that I reported this guy to, told him that I reported him and gave him the details, because I received another message from the spammer telling me he knew all about it and he now want’s my information because I lied. I have all of his messages, where they were sent from, his email and everything he said to me, so proof that I did not lie. Anyway I just reported him to wired



    @bargain professor
    Believe me when I say I know exactly where you are coming from. I too have a harasser leaving off-point unrelated blog comments and sending me threatening email as well. What I have done is mark every comment and every email I receive as spam.

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