How can I make my blog look like this?

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    I’m new and I just chose a theme, it had an example that looked awesome. But on my blog it looks nothing like it.
    How can I have my blog look like the example, with the changing header picture and the picture slider to go to previous posts?

    Here’s the example:

    The blog I need help with is



    We do not actually have Modularity. We have Modularity Lite. It is, as the name implies, modular, so you have to configure it.

    Here are some useful links I found via search:


    You might want to look into Triton Lite, a theme just recently added here that has a top post slider similar to that on modularity. Also look at Oxygen and Fresh & Clean, which have post sliders as well.

    For premium themes, take a look at Debut or Photography.


    Thanks, I’m looking at them. I’m thinking maybe the slide hasn’t shown up yet cause the site needs time to update that? Like 48 hours or more…

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