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how can I make my blog name a clickable link at end of a comment please.

  1. Hi I'm niftyknitter and my blog is bagsofknitting
    I'm pretty new to this blogging experience - shows doesn't it - anyway when I make a comment on someone elses wordpress blog my name (id) shows but the name as a clickable link doesn't. I have noticed on comments other people leave I can go to their blogs. How do I make a clickable link to my blog when I post a relevant comment on someone elses blog please.

    Will appreciate help.

  2. as long as you are signed in, the link should work. Can you give us a link to a comment where it's not working?

  3. Wow, you were quick with your response - thank you so much. Not sure how to give you the link you mentioned but this is the page from the top address bar of the page my comment is on.

    hope that's what you meant.
    thanks n regards

  4. I think the problem is that you haven't filled in your profile page.

    Go to Users->Profile in your dashboard and fill in the contact info with your blog's address. Once you have done that, your name will be clickable. If you want to test it, go to the avatar testing thread on the forum:

    post a test message, and see if you can click your name.

  5. It's clickable here, so I would think it's clickable everywhere unless the blog owner has somehow turned that function off. Are there themes that do that?

  6. Hi I messed up. Thanks your advice. I typed the whole in my profile. then clicked the link in blue in your message. Sorry couldn't figure out how to put a comment on that page. Added a "my test" in the box that said "add", somehow I've ended up with another separate message in this forum.. Not intentional...could you please tell me how I add a comment...many thanks.

  7. @niftyknitter: Take out the www at the beginning of your link. The entire link should be

    @Raincoaster: her name wasn't clickable before, so the issue is fixed now (it wasn't theme-dependent)

  8. Hi again and many thanks, removed the www. as you suggested. Also put a post on what I hope was the page you suggested. The link clicked back to my page so I think that's problem solved.
    Many thanks for giving your time to help me..appreciated it. Best regards and will mark this as resolved..cheers...

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