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How can i make my blog popular

  1. How can i make my blog popular, after 3 months ive only got about 130 vistits, and other people who start a blog on here are chatching up, I only have 5 comments, please help, i really want my blog really popular, and dont say to me make a youtube acount, because im not aloud one!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I still dont understand!!! Im confused

  3. pornstarbabylon

    It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a blog successful. But most blogs will never be THAT successful. You have to do it because you like doing it and not for the traffic and fame.

    Most people do not leave comments. Many just read.

    If you have a WordPress.COM blog, link your site url starting with http on your profile so your name is clickable on the forum here and other blogs.

    Go to other similiar type blogs and forums with a link back to your blog on your username.

    Use good tags or categories, no more than 12, and they will be seen on the global tag page by others visiting the same topic.

    Reply to every comment if you can. That makes them come back to read what you and others have written.

    Have the Recent Comments, Recent Posts, and Top Posts widgets on your sidebar because people are nosy and want to read what others are saying.

    Have the Search bar widget on your blog because people will leave if they can't find what they are looking for.

  4. Give a link and I'll check it out

  5. what about Content on your blog. focus on a specific topic or not?

  6. Contents, and usage of Tag and Category should help.

  7. so you want my URL site code ok!

  8. I now have 230 Hits in about 4 months now, i need more... more!!

  9. Your blog looks cute, but maybe add some "tags" so people can find it?
    Also comments on other blogs might help :)

  10. Thanks, but could you explain to me how a Tag would help?

  11. I am trying to claim my blog from Technorati so it will help get more traffic to my blog. In order to do that they have requested that put a key name in the template. How can I do that?

  12. Actually it was in bloglines not technorati

  13. @fin1002
    I am a blogging tips blogger with 3 years of wordpress experience. I also have tumblr and blogspot blogs but the blog linked to my user name here is primarily aimed at wordpress users. It does contain posts on the topic of blog promotion.

    (1) Don't play hide and seek with search engines. makes search engine verification easy. The easy to follow step by step instructions for registering and verufying your blog with Google, Yahoo and Bing can be found in the Support Documentation at the Webmaster Tools link.

    (2) Search engine optimization, is the strategy and process of increasing the amount of visitors to a site by making structural changes to the site and the content in it that result in the site ranking high in search engine results. The higher a site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user who has been using a search engine to locate material of interest to them.


    (4) There is no such thing as "passive" blog promotion. You must be prepared to use social media like twitter and friendfeed and also to join social networks, online groups and forums if you wish to establish a readership and encourage growth. The best place to post a blog description on your blog is on your About page, as it is meant to contain a brief biography (profile) and a blog description, including your blogging goal(s) and tags for the blog. But this is not the only place you will use that information. You will also post it on the profile pages of the social networks, forums, and online groups you join.

  14. I dont really understand this, i do like posts on my blog, i use tags as well.

  15. fin1002

    You will be confused and never understand until you read the information people have given you.

  16. 1tess

    Urr, Common sense, i would of not replyed to timetheif if i did not read her message, now lets continue, no more fights.

  17. Oh yea can people stop giving me Links to WP support.

  18. Did you read this?

    If you have a WordPress.COM blog, link your site url starting with http on your profile so your name is clickable on the forum here and other blogs.

    All the many questions you have "answered" (many incorrectly) in the last hour or two have been in vain. You are essentially spamming the forum. But no one will even look at your blog because you have not even provided a link. Common sense?

  19. Oi!, im only trying to help, Ok >:) if you really think im wrong, name every single topic that ive answered wrong, Oh yea, I did read it, and Answering worng questions on the forum isant 'Spaming'.

  20. the best thing to do now is to stop fighting.

  21. I have been avertising my blog thank you very much!

  22. @peza679
    This is a technical support forum for those who have wor5dpress.COM blogs. If you have a support question to ask you are free to post. If you have an answer to another member's question you are free to post. What you have done here is spamming plain and simple. You have been reported to Staff. Do NOT do this again.

  23. @peza679's post has been removed.

  24. Be very popular, or be very unpopular.

    Either way gets you noticed and hits.

    For me, like most bloggers, I blog for fun. As long things are normal and working, that's fine.

  25. i have never bbloged before just started and having read this because i wnat to start communicating via blog has blown my mind slightly. just didnt expect peole to be rude to other people who are helping them. i am going to try some of the stuff talked about in these replies but just remember that littlies like me know nothing and want to learn! ta chri55mus

  26. I'm a newbie looking to increase traffic. I have to admit, I am over the top satisfied with the two weeks performance. I have had 213 hits to date starting on Halloween. I enjoy blogging and love writing. I just have read about this site where I can get lots and lots of hits, but I'm beginning to think I am going to have to follow your advice and gradually build an audience. I don't understand how I can use social media such as twitter to promote my site. I think I will figure it out. In the mean time, thanks for the above comments and please feel free to read my site. I am an American woman living in Italy dedicating the blog to personal growth, motivation, positive thinking and living life to its fullest. Julie

  27. Oooh, this thread seems to b e attracting more than its share of incompetent spam. If you can't handle spamming a forum, you certainly can't teach work at home scams.

  28. @jangelos
    (1) You have said: "I don't understand how I can use social media such as twitter to promote my site." This post will help you learn what you need to know about twitter, social media and social networking and this one will introduce you to friendfeed

    (2) This post will assist you to build a comprehensive blog promotion strategy

    (3) If you wish to promote your blog on you may NOT do that in technical support threads. You may post your blog promotion ONLY in the Showcase forum. Here's the link

    If you wish to make the threads you post into the Showcase Forum effective when it comes to attracting readers then please include answers to the following questions when you post there:
    (a) What is your blog about?
    (b) What makes your blog contents unique from all other contents in blogs in the same niche?
    (c) WIIFM? What's in it for me? How will any other blogger clicking your link benefit from visiting your blog?
    (1) W

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