How can I make my posts as wide as my header?

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    I tried to do that “reader – settings” and designating a page as a showcase theme – it didn’t do anything different to my home page aka post page. all it did was make that specific “showcase” page (my “about” page) into a page that showed my posts. that is not what I want – I want to keep my personalized pages as they are but my posts – I would like to be as wide as the header so that when I post pictures, they are nice and big and not stretched vertically (on certain computers) and to not have my posts skinny and narrow when my header is nice and big…it doesn’t look seamless. even when I select the layout with no side bar – the post area is still narrow and it makes my header smaller. my current theme is “twenty eleven”.
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    Hi, thanks for all of the details! To adjust how wide the posts column is on your site you would need to use a custom CSS upgrade. That would give you full control over your site’s stylesheet and visual appearance.

    The post template in Twenty Eleven doesn’t fill the full width of the theme but with some CSS modifications you would be able to get that set up.


    is there a code for that? I don’t know “css” just “html”. and is there a way to do that without messing up any other part of the layout? does custom css cost money or is there just an area under “my account” where I can upgrade that. thanks for your help, andrew!




    Yes, the Custom Design (formerly Custom CSS) upgrade is $30/year. It would be necessary to increase the width.

    If you’re interested in getting started with CSS, I recommend checking out

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