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how can i make pictures load faster

  1. my blog is slow and freezes
    Blog url:

  2. I've been told recently that it takes forever for my photography blog to load the pictures and once it loads it freezes on people. What am I doing wrong? I do load my images as 'Large' when i insert them into a post, could this be the cause?

  3. I went on your blog and came off after waiting over a minute for it to load. It has messed with my computer making it unresponsive and i had to log off and clear my browser. How large are your images that you are uploading? How many posts have you got enabled on your front page and how many images are you adding to each? I can't get on your blog so this is just to check those things first. Also have you got any links on there that maybe you shouldn't have?

  4. Hi! Thank you for your response, here are answers to your questions:
    1. I'm uploading jpegs, sizes range from 1.17 - 5.81 MB
    Is there a MB size I shouldn't surpass? Why do the sizes vary so much?

    2. My posts continuously scroll on the front page

    3. Nope, no links

    When i create a post i'm given the option to insert each image as Small, Medium, or Large and i have always chosen 'Large' - is this bad to do?

    Thank you.

  5. Also, I use the 'Twenty Eleven' theme and I currently have the Static Front Page setting set so the Front Page displays "Your latest posts". My only other option with this theme would be to select something that says "A static page".

  6. 1. I'm uploading jpegs, sizes range from 1.17 - 5.81 MB
    Is there a MB size I shouldn't surpass?

    Images on web pages really should not be larger than about 100Kb, or a very small fraction of what you're uploading.

    Also try not to put a large number of images on one page.

  7. Yes, you really do need to downsize those images because no-one will wait that long for a blog to load, and then won't return either.

  8. OK so having images be visible and look high res is important to me, will a 100kb jpeg give me this?

    When i go to downsize my images i can do it two ways, one is to reinsert the image and select "Medium" (1024 x 680) rather than "Large" (2500 x 1600). The other way I found is once the image is inserted into the post i can click 'edit' and there are size %'s next to the image ranging from 60%-130% which seems to shrink or enlarge the image. Is one of these better?

    Thank you.

  9. Also, do i have to resize my jpegs before uploading them into WordPress or can it be done in WordPress using the two methods i described above.

  10. You need to compress your image files using a tool like Photoshop or even Microsoft office so the size of the file is smaller, not the actual size of the image, before you upload.
    Wordpress compresses the images a little, but not enough to get your images loading faster

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