How can I make search engines find my pictures ?

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    If I google some of the content in my blog, it works fine, when I google text. If I try to google picture I find nothing. I know that the pictures in my blog can only be found through google search if they are related to text, but where do I write the text that enables people to go picture searching for my pictures.
    “(email redacted)”
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is




    Well, I wrote in every space possible, and I still cant google my pictures. Searching text works fine, so I gfuess its not because Google sometimes lets time pass by before it works (at least thats what Ive read somewhere.
    So I stille cant google my pictures. Is it because Ive chekked the thumbnailbox or is it because the “Mixfolio”-theme doesnt support picture search ? – or sometheing else.
    I have done everything the manual tells me to do.
    Thanks for trying anyway.


    You can’t expect Google to suddenly index your images after one day. You’ll have to wait for them to crawl your site again. And be aware that Google doesn’t index every single image put ‘out there’ but they do concentrate a lot on images these days.


    Did you read the link given above? It suggests putting a Title when you upload images. When I hovered over a few of yours the images were named “salg” … along with a few numbers. Give them a title that names the item. For example:

    The current title is the file name. When you upload images to wordpress, there is a space for Title. In that type in a good description of the item.



    Thanks for trying to help med out.
    Redsoulnights: As I had read somewhere: though Google can let the search engine find your text within an hour at the most, it takes a good while longer when ita pictures.
    Thebirdingbunch: I did write descriptive text for my picture, I just tried with only one of my pictures, so that it would be a lot more easy to check if it worked. All my other pictures have no text other than “salg” yet, but if Google takes forever to get my pictures on, id better get started.
    Still: thanks for trying to help me.

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