How can I make the background dark on enlarged view of photos?

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    When I click on an image in a post, I get a larger view. It is always centred at top left of the window with the remainder a stark white. Can I change this ‘background’ from white to black (or dark grey)?

    Can I centre the image in the window? If it is centred in the blog, the zoomed view still appears at top/left.
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    The blog I need help with is


    I just clicked on a couple of your images and it is centered in the middle of my screen with a dark gray background. I am wondering if this is a browser issue?? I use Firefox 16.0.1. Is this something that just started occurring?



    Not something new, has always been like that. Also have a friend
    on WordPress that has the same issue. We are both on Macs – maybe that is the reason?



    You can now select a light or dark theme for your photos to be showcased on. Settings > Media
    Image Gallery Carousel

    Background color dropdowm menu

    Click “save changes”
    See also:



    I tried setting the background to ‘black’, but it doesn’t ‘take’. No change.


    I suspect it is the Mac, then. Have you looked through your preferences through your computer or on your browser? If this is determined to be an issue with the Mac, I am not sure you can find help here. I tried searching online, but am not figuring out the correct search terms to get what you need. I am sorry about that.



    The browser seems to be the issue, at least in part. When my friend opened my blog on his Mac but using Firefox, he got centred photos on a dark background. When I open my blog on my Mac with Firefox, I still get an un-centred image on white.

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