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How can I make the Paypal Button go to the Top?

  1. I followed the instructions in other threads to add a paypal button, but it's way down in the sidebar in my links. How can I bring it up to the top? I tried everything I could think of.


  2. Blogroll links are hardcoded to be displayed alphabetically and this you cannot change. But if you put the code into a text widget then you could place it anywhere in the sidebar that your choose.

    Would you please post the link to the non javascript paypal button code you used here for others to use in this thread.
    Thanks, in advance. :)

  3. Thanks, timethief! I will try to figure out the text widget. I may be back. :)

    Non-java script paypal button code is as follows:


  4. You're most welcome and thanks to you. This will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.
    And for reference for the next paypal button hunter is a related thread

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