How can I make tile galleries look great in mobile theme?

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    I inserted a gallery (one of the fancy new tile galleries) into my post ‘Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy’, but the gallery looks terrible on my mobile phone. I’m viewing it on my Galaxy S2, so it’s Android. My theme is “Forever” for my blog. Can you help me make the necessary changes so that the tile galleries look great with the mobile theme. If not, I can’t continue to use them. :(
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    I had a look at my Galaxy Ace and indeed the Gallery is broken up. Only two images visible of the 5 in the Gallery you posted.

    In the announcement about the new Gallery types, they mentioned that the Image Carousel has been enabled for mobile, but didn’t mention anything about the new Gallery types. Probably best to post this in the Android forums.

    Also, it doesn’t look as though you’ve enabled the Image Carousel on your site as clicking on any image opens the image Attachment page. If you wish to enable the Image Carousel, you’ll need to check the box in Dashboard>Settings>Media>Image Gallery Carousel.

    Also, did you enable the mobile theme under Dashboard>Appearance>Mobile?

    I’d also like to make an observation about your image sizes. At the moment it looks like you are uploading full-size images straight out of your camera. This will eat up your 3GB storage in a flash and image quality suffers when images are resized to fit the front page, post or image carousel, not to mention slower loading time for folks visiting with a less than speedy connection. Before uploading, it’s best to resize your images in an image editing program to the pixel width mentioned at the bottom of the Theme’s Showcase page and in case you need it

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