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How can i modify like this? is CSS?

  1. (im amateur)
    hello, i wanna try to make my own wordpress but diferent from the rest...
    and i saw this other blog and is very cool and i wanna know how to do it, but modifing a few things...
    anybody can help me? please??

    the link:

    very thanks


  2. If you want a site like that, you need to modify the whole thing -- not just a few.

  3. The site you provided the link for is not built on the wordpress software, it is created like a standard web page. I doubt you could achieve anything near that design with the CSS upgrade. I suspect it would require heavy modification of the underlying theme files.

  4. damn,im gonna try with dreamweaver, thanks u guys

  5. how can i get a custom look like this site, ? (see it has custom header and no footer etc..)

    do I need to buy upgrade ?


  6. Find a theme you like with a custom header.
    Make a custom header.
    Upload custom header.

    Do not fiddle with the footer, should you even get the upload.

  7. You want your blog to look like that, get the upgrade

  8. i get a freehosting with php and mysql
    then i upload by FTP software the wordpress files
    and it works,
    thanks to all!

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