How can I move “Share this blog with (FB, Twitter) from bottom of page to top

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    How can I move the “Share this blog with…” from bottom of page/post to top of of the page? I’d like it on top of the right hand column.
    Thanks, Jake

    The blog I need help with is


    Maybe if you had CSS editing experience and bought the CSS upgrade, but putting it at the top makes no sense. The people read the post and think to themselves, this is a great post, I think I’ll Like it and there is the button right there at the end of the post. If you put it at the top of the post then after they finish reading the post they have to scroll clear back up to the top to click the Like button.



    Yes, that’s what I’ve been thinking. A friend of mine told me to put it at the top, but once I set it up, I think it’s fine at the bottom. I was curious to see if it could be done.
    Thanks for your help and advice.


    You’re welcome. I expect it can with the CSS upgrade, but I have not tried it.



    If it’s a long post, it would be good to have them both at the top and bottom. I’ve seen some websites do this and since they’re small and rather discreet, they don’t look cheesy or distracting.



    yep, top and bottom would do. but no matter where it is, if your post is so much good, then the reader would still try to find its whereabouts and press “like” eventually.



    Thanks all. I think leaving them at the bottom works. @ xhinsoka, I agree!

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