“How can I offer email updates” did NOT work for me

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    I followed all of the directions to “How can I offer email updates?” (many times), but the link that appeared in the sidebar widget was just a link to the FeedBurner page. I thought it was supposed to be a form where the users just entered their email adresses. That is not what is happening.
    I tried both ways, and the same thing happened.
    I logged out of my blog, and tried it from a browser search, same thing: no email entry form.
    The people who read my blog are retarded and refuse to see the beauty of RSS. The FeedBurner homepage will just scare and confuse them. (Plus, I don’t see how they are supposed to sign up for email updates for my blog from it.) I need to figure out how to update them via email.
    Thank you!!!



    The form is not allowed here on WordPress.com. What you should end up with is a link to the form (like I have in my sidebar).



    You’re not alone. Many users including I have from time to time written to support to include the “Notify Me via Email” check box option at the end of the comment box. It’s the easiest and most effective method I know and many themes support this except wordpress.com ones. I wish they offer a paid option for this.



    @ barsbythebook-your readers aren’t taken to the feedburner homepage. They are taken to a page to subscribe to your blog. Have a look at vivian’s feedburner email subscribe page-nothing scary about it. Looks like every other subscription form anywhere.

    @shimworld-what you are asking for is a notification by email of comments following your comment on a blog. It’s a different issue.

    If you want to see if someone has posted a new comment on your wp.com blog, you have the option of getting email notifications under Settings>Discussion>Email me whenever…

    If you are talking about seeing if there are replies to comments you made on someone else’s wp.com blog, you can do that in the Dashboard via “My Comments”. Your most recent activity and any follow up comments are listed there.

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