How can I place a code between the tags and ?

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    I want to place a code between <body> and <body>

    The blog I need help with is



    How do I reach my kitchen, as I have to place a certain code there?



    We cannot access the files for the templates that underly our themes here at wordpress.COm on this multiuser blogging platform. Consequently, we cannot insert code wehere you indicate at all. Only Staff can access and edit those files because all blogs weraing the same theme are in essense using the same template. that means every edit Staff makes affects every blog wearing the same theme.

    What is the code and what is it for? Please place it here between backticks. The backtick is found on the key to the left of the number 1 key on your keyboard. It’s in lower case on the same key as the tilde ~. After you post the code we may be able to provide a workaround.

    P.S. If it’s a code that is for advertsising, affiliate links, Google Analytics, Javascript or an iframe code – we cannot use them.

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