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How can I post a video From

  1. I want to post a video from G4tv but I don't know how. When I click on "Add Video" there is only and option for Youtube and Google. How can I post videos from other websites?

  2. How about we start with a link to your wordpress.COM blog?

  3. Thanks for providing the link. (FYI - there is no www in your blog address. And please consider linking your blog name to your user name as explained in the sticky at the top of the forum. Go into your dashboard -> users -> your profile -> then scroll down to 'contact info'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.
    Now... when you comment here and on other blogs, your name will link to your blog. If you do this before you post your request for help, it will allow forum volunteers to be able to help you quicker since they won't have to ask you for a link and wait until you come back to post one.)

    The only way to embed videos from other sites is to use VodPod.

  4. Actually, other than Vodpod, there are several sites that you can easily integrate videos into, including Blip, Podtech, Daily Motion, Vimeo and many more. I found many of these methods via searching the FAQ's, and some I just discovered from visiting the video sites. But for the most part, Vodpod works well, and is very easy to use.

  5. Good point. But the poster specifically asked about G4tv, which can only be embedded with VodPod.

  6. actually, i asked because if you go to he posts videos from g4 and it uses their interface... but when i uses vodpod, the video was cut in half... so how does he do it? ive also seen people post videos from hulu....

  7. jaredcadena - the blog you linked is not hosted here at wordpress.COM. So he's not up against the restrictions that we have.

    The folks at VodPod have been extremely responsive. If you are having trouble with them grabbing a video, go to their site and send them an email and let them know the problem you're having.

  8. Vodpod in my experience cuts the video in half in PREVIEW but once you mouse over and think about playing it, it rolls out to full. I've been happy with it, and I'm dead bloody skeptical.

    Hulu? Fark 'em, they don't play in Canada.

  9. oh im sorry, i meant to link not kevinpereira

  10. And that blog isn't hosted here at wordpress.COM, either.

  11. I did email Vodpod about difficulties I was having and they got back to me immediately. They are a very, very good company.

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