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How can I post my posts without having so many others included on my blog pages?

  1. I just posted an article for my brand new blog. Imagine my suprise when I went to read it. Yes, it was there, but so were a whole slew of other bloggers' posts, with great photos, etc. but not one which seemed to have anything to do about writing. So, it seems, tech dinosaur that I am, that WordPress is just out of my league. All I wanted to do was write about the writing experience, good or bad, and maybe get a few comments. I did NOT want pages and pages of other people's blogs, as good as they might be.
    Blog url:

  2. I do not have a clue as to what you are referring to.
    This is your blog
    This is the only page aside form the front page for posts in your blog
    There are no posts or pages by others on your blog.

  3. There are no other bloggers posts on your blog. It's possible that you actually read your post on the Reader and that is where you saw other bloggers posts, which is not actually on your blog at all. Did you read your post from the Reader?

  4. @sfummerton
    See here!/read/
    Are you referring to what thegiddygoat suggests?


  5. Yes, thank you so much, thegiddygoat and timethief, for your counsel. I was on the Reader tab instead of the one for my blog.

    I'm just trying to find my way around. It's another learning curve for me.

  6. I'm happy thegiddygoat was able to help you resolve your issue.
    Welcome. :)

  7. I must have had an Epiphany, i'm not generally spot on like that LOL Happy blogging to you.

  8. Hey, I believe in epiphanies! You were certainly spot on this time, and you and timethief helped restore me to my usually calm, rational self, LOL.

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