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How can I post new material at the beginning of a page?

  1. I have created a page called "Game Results." I want to add new results at the beginning of the post three or four times a week. So far I have only been able to add results at the end of the original post. How can I insert new posts at the start of a page????

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I appreciate your posts; however, I need some clarification. Are you saying I should change "Game Results" from a page to a post? Sorry, my technical skills are somewhat limited.

  3. Yes, use posts not pages.
    Posts are different from pages. Read the article from justpi above.

    Posts appear automatically on your homepage in reverse chronological order. They have dates. You can add categories and tags to help your readers find topics they want to learn about.

    Pages are for basic information like an about page. One article per page.

    So copy the html from each date, then add a new post. paste that information into the text editor of the new post. In the publish module, edit the date. Publish. Repeat for each of your dates on the Game Results page.

    To edit the date on a post, see the module in this picture titled "Publish" and notice that one of the options is "publish immediately." Just beside that is the word "edit" which allows you to change the date of publication.

  4. No. You should trash the page "Game Results", publish new results as posts, file each of these posts under a "Game Results" category, add this category to a custom menu.

  5. ~~

    "No" refers to "Are you saying", not to Tess's reply.

  6. I assumed the OP wanted to keep a record of past game results, else why not just delete the previous dates on the game results page. Thus the explanation of how to re-publish them as individual posts.

    (those details made me neglect the information about making the game results category…)

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