How can I prevend WordPress from scaling my images?

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    today I recognized, that wordpress scales my included pictures automatically on the width of 590 or 885 pixels, no matter which size i really choiced. Because of this undesirable scaling my images look distorted, for example here (the referral to the mail-address)

    or fuzzy like here

    And I do not understand why.

    In the first example the image, that i uploaded should have the width 590 px.

    My code is

    <div style="width:590px;height:22px;"><img src="" style="width:590px;height:22px;" width="590" height="22"></div>

    You see, I did everthing to force the width 590. But it is useless, when you regard the site in the browser, you will recognize, that the width is 885:

    No matter, what i tried. Could you please tell me, how i can stop wordpress from scaling this odd?

    With best regards,


    P.S.: Please excuse my bad english!

    The blog I need help with is


    P.S.: I discovered that the scaling-problem is only when i browse with firefox (15.0.1.),not with the ie. But it is still unpleasant and I would like to have your advice.

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