How can I prevent photos I’m posting from being copied?

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    I plan to post photos on my blog but I don’t want them being copied and scattered all over the internet. Is there a way to prevent this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Do realize though that the bottom line is, if you don’t want it copied, do NOT put it on the internet. Every “solution” out there is only a partial solution and are not that hard to get around.



    Turn your blog private. Simple.



    NO! The perfect way to keep people from copy’n your images is to place a WATER MARK over the image!


    Watermarks are not foolproof either. I can take out most of a watermark in photoshop with a little time. The photo won’t be perfect, but few would notice.



    Nobody mentioned, but Monotone and Duotone do prevent right-click, save on all your images except the most recent.


    Small watermarks are useless, as thesacredpath says – with a small amount of work in Photoshop or a similar program, they can be removed. Large watermarks can too unless the image beneath it is very complex, and someone determined could probably take those out too And watermarks,particularly across the face of an image, detract so much as to ruin anyone’s viewing pleasure.

    You can certainly enable right clicking but the one bad thing about that is, should you want to right click on something yourself (for instance, to use the image URL to send someone to the image in your blog) you can’t do it!

    I’m with thesacredpath on this one – really, if you don’t want to risk something being copied, don’t put it on the internet. I’m going to do myself no good whatsover here, saying this, but anyone can take anything by just using ‘print screen’ on their keyboard and taking a screenshot.

    However… if you want to avoid your images being used in anyway that the thief will find useful, then make the resolution low, that way they can still be used as small images via a screenshot but can’t be enlarged without losing detail as they pixelate.



    You can certainly enable right clicking but the one bad thing about that is, should you want to right click on something yourself (for instance, to use the image URL to send someone to the image in your blog) you can’t do it!

    Did you wanted to say “disable”?

    You can get the URL from media library for this purposes.


    Ah yes. A brain-typo. Sorry. Whoops.

    As for getting the URL from the media library, that’s fine for WordPress but just assuming onetwigonabigtree ever wants to use anything else to host images, that might not apply.



    Disabling right clicks is just as useless, all it takes is to drag the image to your desktop et voilĂ .

    I think that “fully” watermarking an image would make it more bothersome for someone to try removing it. That’s what I’ve been doing with my latest photos.



    I agree that any image posted to the web is subject to theft. I agree that d I believe thisabling right click is not effective – I can get around that in seconds flat and so can anyone else. So relying on disabling right click provides a false sense of security.

    Tost effective means of “protection” is watermarking and there are 5 free watermarking utilities > See also >



    I recently started watermarking for my own images.

    It’s amazing where they end up. It’s funnier when you make the watermark tiny just so you can see it, people stop crediting you as a source and pose image as their own (when you can see it’s your mark on it) or worse, put their watermark on it.

    But that’s the net, what gets on there as mentioned is subject to be republished. I think it’s cool to see your work being circulated.


    What I do with images that I don’t want people to steal, but I want to post, is to make those images small in size, say 450px on the long dimension and then use a lower quality jpg compression and make sure they are saved at 72dpi. That way they aren’t getting an image that they can easily enlarge due to the lower quality of what they are starting with.

    I should say here though that watermarking and uploading smaller, lower quality images is the best combination since thieves typically aren’t going to want to spend a lot of time trying to remove the watermark and enlarging the photo.

    Bottom linethough, as echoed several times in this thread, if the image is very important to you and you don’t want it stolen, don’t put it on the internet.

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