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    i have created a blog using wordpress. thats i have a prob of promoting it to the world without having few friends blog. i think u all have that problem. how can we overcome from it? what are the popular topics to search.

    shall we have a discussion on this. thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    We have had many discussions on this, as a quick forum search shows:

    Also search on other pertinent terms. There are literally hundreds of threads here on this topic.


    In my experience I determined the audience that I was addressing through the articles I was writing. After determining that audience, I researched web sites that served the individuals in that audience. Once I found those web sites I made contact with the directors of the organizations or the people in charge of those web sites / organizations through a cover letter / email.

    I developed a cover to tell them who I am and what I am doing through my web site, Second Chance to Live. In my cover letter / email I asked them to visit my web site and to use my web site as a helpful resource for the individuals that they serve. By doing so I established a relationship with them and became available to the individuals that they seek to serve.

    I continue to use this strategy to date while tweaking my cover / letter to share who I am and what I am about — with brevity.

    I believe that if we seek to serve, rather than to get we will accomplish our goal (s) — what ever those goals may be. In my experience, I have learned to trust the process, do the footwork and trust a loving God with the outcomes.

    Per my contacting those individuals / agencies / organizations, I have spent many hours researching on the WWW to locate those individuals / organizations and agencies. Lots of footwork with a percentage of outcomes. As with any marketing — depending on how diligent you are in your marketing yourself and your service — will largely determine how well you establish yourself in the market place.

    Also, write and publish on your blog. I have a site map that I have a listing of the articles that I have written over the 2 years for Second Chance to Live. I direct people to my site map and that increases my visibility too. When you publish quality material on your web log you establish your self as a resource.

    By publishing your will have an increased presence on the world wide web so that when individuals search for topics that you write about, they will be directed to your web site. Publish quality material too. That will draw readers and establish relationships with people.

    And again, make what you do about service — being of service to others — not about what you can get from them.

    I hope the above has been helpful my friend.

    Have a great day and God bless you.


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