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how can i put a forum in my blog?

  1. i want creat a forum in my blog.
    it's possible?

  2. The search box is your friend. does not have a forum feature. You can locate a third party forum on the internet and link to it from your blog.

  3. TT do you ever rest ? :)

  4. Yes I do rest. I just took a vacation actually but maybe it just wasn't long enough. :)

  5. Maybe not:) I think you are a forum junkie. Like me. :)

  6. Good gawd - you may be right - where's the recovery center?

  7. There isn't one :)

  8. OMG a life long addiction :(

  9. :) - well - yet another life long addiction. I will just add it to my list of wierdnesses. In the CV: WordPress addict.

  10. note to self: add wp to addiction list
    lol :D

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