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How can I put a log-in link on my blogs?

  1. thecrawfordfamily

    Coffeeman Mat said he put a Log in widget on my page, but I couldn't find it. Am I missing something here? See note below from Coffeemanmatt. I have two blogs, but neither has a log-in link. Thanks for your help.

    coffeemanmatt wrote:

    I've added a widget to your blog that contains a log in link. :)
    You can also log in if you go to:
    Have a great day, and let us know if you have any other questions.

    Read this post on the forums:

  2. Coffeemanmatt added a Meta Widget to your site at . Please see for details about the Meta widget.

    You can view the Meta widget on the right side of your blog at (it's the last widget in the right sidebar).

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