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How can I put Advertisement in my blog?

  1. chamatkaribaba

    Hi My dear Friends
    My Blog is
    I want to put google adsense or any other advertisements in my blog and if possible make little money to support my blog. I tried a lot but I do not know how to put such advertisements.As I have seen advertisements in so many people's blog, I think that I can also put it. Can anyone help me please?
    Waiting for your reply.

  2. According to the WordPress TOS, you can't.

  3. chamatkaribaba

    R u Sure?
    See this in wordpress but has advertisements.

  4. Yes, they're using WordPress, but its on their own domain. If you have your blog hosted by, you can't have advertisements.

  5. chamatkaribaba

    So, is not there any chances or scheme to have advertisement in wordpress? As I am thinking to invite others to write articles in my blog as i have little time to write and to pay them from the amount collected from advertisement? Is not there any similar facility in wordpress? Please Help me.

  6. You're not allowed to put advertisements on your hosted blog.

  7. chamatkari, please read the faq and search the forum for past threads regarding this topic. aishel is right, we can't have ads on blogs, though that rule may change in the future.

    at the moment, no ads!

  8. Also note that in the future you may be able to purchase an upgrade and then you may be able to have advertisements on your blog but this is not being contemplated for "free" accounts. Those who post frequently or even daily will be the likely candidates for this future upgrade.
    At this point your best bet if you wish to monetize your blog is to either move to self hosting or hiring a webhost and then download a free blog template form
    Reference: this thread from Matt posted in the official blog

  9. is not hosted at It uses the wordpress software downloaded from

    Please note how I fixed the link to your blog in your post. You can't use the 'www' in the link since your username takes the place of it. Using both breaks the link for 30% of the net and most search engine spiders.

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