How can I put in a new header-Image

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    I have read it’s possible to change the blue-kubrick-Header and put in your own picture or a picture found on RedAlt.
    But I also read you have to change the picture in your wordpress-directory with the new. I have no wordpress-directory on my hardisk and I dont know how to go to the wordpress-webspace.

    what do i have to do?




    Here’s the list of themes that allow headers to be changed. Currently Kubrick is not one of them. In fact, here’s the thread and staff’s response to getting a changeable header for that theme.

    The WordPress directory you are reading about is for those who have the regular WordPress software on their webspace or on their servers. If you were to have it on your own hard drive, than anybody (and I mean anybody) would be able to see your computer and that’s a bag thing. We use a software called WordPress Multiuser. Here’s a list of some of the differences between the two software packages.

    Hope this helps,

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