How can I re-start my accidenatally deleted blog using the same URL?

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    During a moment of extreme stupidity, I have managed to delete my blog. All folders are empty! Nada! Zilch! Rien!
    I need to start this blog all over again, but want to use the same name which I had before. Please would you advise me on how to do this.
    Blog url:



    That site is not a blog being free hosted by and we cannot help you with it. You must post to
    For clarity read >

    If you are referring to another blog and it was a free hosted blog that you deleted then it’s gone forever. The URL cannot be recycled and reused by anyone.


    You need to contact your web host immediately and ask them to restore your stuff from a backup (if they do backups of customer accounts). If they do, then there will likely be a charge for doing it and I’ve seen that range from $35 to $100, and I’ve heard of some even asking higher prices.

    The good news is it’s highly unlikely that you deleted the database, so all your content should be safe.

    Worst case scenario is that you have to reinstall the wordpress software, link it to your existing database, install all themes and plugins and get everything set up like you had it before.

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