How can I receive a refund? Purchase date is inaccurate.

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    I have recently purchased a domain name and a hosting package from WordPress. Shortly after, I realized that does not allow for the customizations that I need to my blog, so I kept my domain with wordpress but started hosting my site elsewhere. When I attempted to get a refund (by going to my store/upgrades and clicking “refund”) I was denied because the refund is only valid for a month, and the dates on these purchases/renewal times are INACCURATELY listed as oct 6, not Nov 6 when they were actually purchased. I have a Paypal reciept to confirm this payment date of Nov 6 and as it has not yet been a month, I simply would like a refund for this hosting package which I clearly do not need, because I have moved to another host. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    I do not know what you means by a hosting package. blogs are free hosted. It sounds like you are trying to cancel part of a bundle to me.

    I have flagged this thread for Staff assistance.


    Thanks for the reply. Your right I probably did not word myself properly. I did purchase the “Value” bundle that was a 99$ kind of package. Anyway Any assistance in this matter is appreciated, should i wait to be contacted by staff then?



    I see what you mean, your bundle is still in the refund window but your Upgrades page does not reflect that. I’m investigating this further, thanks for your patience!



    Hi there, I processed a $81 refund for you (please note that it can take 1-2 weeks to post back to your account) and removed the Bundle from your account. Your domain registration and mapping upgrade were not canceled or refunded since we only offer refunds within 48 hours for those. You can point your domain to your new host by updating your nameservers.

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