How can I reduce unused space between posts?

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    Is there a way to reduce the amount of space (“real estate”) between posts? (In print media it would be called “white space” to be avoided as wasteful; in broadcasting it is called “dead air”, meaning that no speech, music, etc., is going out over the airwaves even though nothing is wrong with the equipment.

    I use the Blogum theme, and now that I have it set up the way I want it, this is the only remaining challenge.


    Try adding this and then decreasing the 45px value as desired. If you take it back to 0, just enter the 0, no px needed.

    .post {
    padding-bottom: 45px;


    I can barely spell HTML and have to ask if that code is supposed to be placed at the very end (below all other code) and if it needs to go into every individual post. Thanks.



    Scratch that; something appears to be missing no doubt due to my own ignorance. I pasted the code following the very last </p> at the end of the essay, with no further code to the piece, and it was visible in the Preview as if it was intended to be seen by visitors.



    If you have the Custom Design upgrade, you paste the above piece of code in the CSS editor (Appearance > Custom Design > CSS). If you don’t have the upgrade, you cannot change the space.



    Thanks; I’ll give some thought to the upgrade and the possible risks since I know zero about CSS.

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