how can I remove administrator?

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    A friend kindly helped me set up a blog with wordpress but was already logged in and is hence an administrator, if not owner of my blog. I am reluctant to add to and use ‘my’ blog whilst this is the case.
    The blog uses my full name which I would like to keep (e.g. for web search purposes) and is linked to my main email address which I would also like to keep. So I would prefer not to migrate the blog to another blog (with different name and email address).
    In short what I need to do is remove the person noted as administrator on my blog, she is still a friend and still helpful so would remove herself from the blog if that was possible. I would appreciate advice, thanks..
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    Your friend appears to be the blog’s owner, so their user account can’t be removed from the blog.

    However, there’s an easy to transfer blogs between different accounts, so you can ask your friend to transfer this blog to you. She can still have an administrator account to help you out in case you need it, but you will be the blog’s owner.

    See instructions for transferring blogs here:

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