How can I remove borders around pictures

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    Hi, today I came to know about ‘twenty eleven’ theme and I think I was waiting for this theme. I was a user of Twenty Ten theme, after all. Anyway, I gave a preview on my current blog and one thing I did not like that all my images has an extra gray border around it. Is there any way I can remove that extra border from my images in my blog post? If I can do that, I think I’ll love to use this ‘twenty eleven’ theme.
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    You are correct, Twenty Eleven‘s images have a light grey border around them. The only way to change that is by using our Custom CSS upgrade.



    Ok, I reviewed and gone through everything and what I’ve understood is that I’ll have to purchase the upgrade to get feature to use custom CSS, correct?

    If that is the ONLY way, now I understand why most free themes has border around images. :)

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