How can I remove menu, skip to content ECT from twenty twelve header

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    Hi people at WP
    I seem to be going around in circles at the moment. I have come away from the toolbox theme because it’s been retired and taken twenty twelve instead. One of the problems I have is the CSS stuff for toolbox theme isn’t being applied on the twenty twelve theme.

    Can some one explain how can I remove , menu – skip to content and .home from my header on the twenty twelve theme please.

    I have override css in action and full control of it.

    Regards Bonny Reg

    The blog I need help with is


    Bonny, CSS is theme specific, so the CSS you have for toolbox won’t work with Twenty Twelve. You will have to start from scratch and use the selectors for Twenty Twelve.

    Go to the CSS edit window and copy out all the existing CSS and paste it into a plain text file for reference and then delete it all and make sure the “Don’t use the theme’s original CSS” button is not selected and then click the save button to return to the original Twenty Twelve CSS.

    My suggestion would be to leave that unchecked and then to add only what you are changing or adding to the CSS edit window and then your changes will override the existing CSS since your changes and additions are loaded after the existing CSS. This way any images and such used in the theme design will still be there and not disappear on you.



    Hi thesacredpath. Thank you for your reply.
    I understand what you are saying about adding my own CSS to the existing on the twenty twelve theme, but I’d already checked override and had paste my old CSS after copy saving it in office word.

    I know I haven’t published anything since becoming a member in December 12 but I have been learning HTML and CSS as I go, and got a bit of build and design thing going on in my pages and really enjoying it.
    I was really gutted to hear that the toolbox theme is being retired and would be grateful if you could tell me what theme would be suitable for what I am trying to achieve if you think twenty twelve will not.
    Many Thanks
    Bonny Reg



    Retired means no longer available on new blogs but still available on blogs created before the theme became retired. So if you prefer Toolbox you can switch back to Toolbox. Or you can switch to its non-retired sibling, Sandbox 1.6.2.


    Twenty Twelve would probably work just fine. In fact, you can use any theme as a blank state if you turn off the original CSS. Doing that would let you completely customize something, but what most people tend to do is pick a theme that has a lot of what they want and then customize different elements in it a bit at a time. You could use any theme for that as well—just pick one you think looks nice! If your goal really is to learn how to apply CSS from scratch to completely change the design of a site, then I might recommend a theme like Toolbox or Sandbox.

    justpi is right that you don’t have to stop using the theme just because it was retired. Being retired just means it won’t get any future updates for theme code.



    OK…… thank you justpi and designsimply.
    I think I will revert back to toolbox.
    Thanks for your time.

    Bonny Reg

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