How can I remove my blog from someone’s Blogroll?

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    Hi all.

    Someone has made a blog and has added racist images to that, and has added me on his Blogroll. I’d like to have any mentions of my blog removed from his. How can I do this myself?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t, only the person who added you to his/her blogroll can remove it. Just like I can’t go into your blogroll and start adding or removing stuff. Just message the person and ask to have your blog removed.



    Shouldn’t I have an option to remove myself from retarded blogs? I mean that guy has some anti-muslim thing on, he’s been posting images from 4chan or something, and I don’t want myself or my blog to be associated with that.



    That blog is linking to you, not vice versa, so by definition you do not associate yourself with that blog.



    Still, people read that, and see my blog right next to it, and wonder why?



    This question has been asked before and a search of the forum will show you that the answer you have received here are correct. We have no control over who links to our blogs in their blogrolls. We may not be associated with the blogs that do this at all. Moreover, if we blog on controversial subjects others we ought to become aware that they are free to link back to our posts and share their opinions of our post content with their readers.

    Not long ago a man who insulted others and then had his blog linked to came to this forum seeking such a link removal solution. It isn’t possible, unless the party doing the linking agrees to remove the link to the blog. So if that’s what you want you will have to approach the blogger who linked to your blog and ask for link removal yourself.

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