How can I remove myself from a private group blog?

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    About 3 years ago one of my professors created this blog and had all of us join to post answers and discussions to class topics. The blog is still up 3 years later, and I want to remove my username from being associated with this blog if possible. The instructor is the admin person who can delete it and edit anything, I could only post on it. I don’t have access to any tools or anything. I just want to get removed from the site because nobody uses it and I don’t want to be on something useless.. Is there anything I can do? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you have access then have you followed these instructions?



    THANK YOU! i never found those instructions (which kinda makes me fell dumb, but oh well).. idk what happend, but everytime i’d try and find something like that nothing would show! but i have removed myself successfully!! thanks for your help!!

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