How can I remove Posted by, Posted on ?

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    how can I remove
    Posted by () Posted on () from my blog and posts?

    If not possible how can I move Posted by () | Posted in () | Posted on () from header to footer?


    The blog I need help with is


    To remove or move them would require the paid CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience, and do not that it is not possible on all themes.


    I have a similar question for Posted in for the MistyLook theme at I already have the categories in a widget on the right, so I don’t want it below the full blog article, as it keeps people from noticing/seeing the Like” button.”

    Since I have already changed some of the CSS code to give our blog a more branded look, I assume I paid for the CSS upgrade.

    You have always been so helpful in the past.


    The following gets rid of everything below the post (including the comment link). Everything below the post is controlled by the same selector.

    .post-info {

    I don’t think you can get ride of just the tags and categories.



    I apologise for the real newbie question. I am using TwentyTen. I have researched this topic and I see I have to add the code above. The one thing that I don’t know is which php page do I need to add it to. In my case the posted on and posted by only appears on the very first home page but no other and I want to remove that as well.



    @pdrasko: The website linked to your username ( does not appear to be a WordPress blog at all.

    Also, if you are asking which PHP page to edit, then maybe you have a self-hosted WordPress.ORG blog and should ask your question instead at

    If you do have a WordPress.COM blog, we need the URL, starting with http://



    thank you. I am using TwentyTen at



    @pdrasko: That’s a self-hosted WordPress.ORG blog. Please go to the WordPress.ORG support forum as I indicated earlier. If you don’t understand the difference between .com and .org, please read this:



    thank you

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