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How can I remove the slanted white lines in Vertigo?

  1. I'm looking to remove the two slanted white lines that came with Vertigo that lie just above my post title. I found a way to remove the rest but this one seems to have staying power (I'm pretty new to CSS, so I kinda just type in "display: none;" all over and see what happens). I'd also love to see how it would look if I could move those two lines all the way to the right so it is out of the way. But learning how to remove it altogether is the top priority - incase I don't like the way they look anywhere.

    Thanks in advance,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. .format-standard .container {
        background: none;
  3. Wait, found a few more places (other post types) where the background was set to use text-bg.png. Try this to remove them all:

    .error404 .container,
    .format-standard .container,
    .format-aside .container,
    .format-status .container,
    .format-gallery .container,
    .single-attachment .container,
    .type-page .container {
    	background: none;

    There are other background images too, but you may not want to remove them all because some are different types of images (like Search for "images/" here to see the rest:

  4. ahhhh... I avoided the "images" section thinking it was just about image posts...

    Thanks a bunch Design Simply. Your code worked perfectly!

  5. Cheers! :)

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